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0010 Tripod Model TRE01

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160,00 IVA Escl.

Technical Characteristics:

Color: yellow
Color of the metal parts: black
Minimum dimensions (close legs): 118 cm
Maximum dimensions (open legs): 183 cm
Weight: 7,5 Kg
Warranty: 1 Year

COD: N NT TRE01 Categoria:

Tripod of heavy duty construction, made of high quality dried birch wood.

Thinking and made for the most demanding users, this type of wood is the best of the market and no one tripod is made better than this. It guarantee higher stability, life and precision in measurings
It has flat head, circular and perfectly polished. The diameter is more than 16 cm.

The head has, also, a protection cover. The central hole allow an easy positioning of the instrument on the tripod.
It has a locking system of the legs with the classic screw.
For the transport there is a belt.

The tripod has a skidproof system for the stability of the legs. In this way we’ll have the maximum stability on each surface, included cement and tiles.

In our laboratory, we have tested the stability of the tripod and we saw that, submitting it on a weight of 12 Kg and watching through the telescope of the total station, the axis moves. As soon as we take off the weight, the tripod return on the primary position, ensuring precision and stability of the measuring with the instrument we have.


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