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0070 Tripod For CG-1

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32,50 IVA Escl.
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Tripod for CG-1 Staff, completely made of aluminium.

Even if it has little dimension, there are extensible legs that allow to an easy fixing of the staff.

The legs are connect to a ring in which we can put the staff, in the middle of the structure.
In this way it will be possible to keep steady the support pole CG-1, ensuring a precise and safe work.

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0160 New Planiko 3×360°

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0010 Support Pole CG-1

80,00 IVA Escl.
Support Pole composed from 5 sections. It is made of metal and there is an easy lock screw at the ground of the staff, wherewith we can adjust the height of the support, that we'll put between floor and ceiling easily thanks to a regolation spring.