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0020 Theodolite T6

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1.580,00 IVA Escl.

Mechanic Theodolite Yousurv T6.

Instrument with optical reading.
Straight image and telescope lens with 30x magnification.

COD: N NT T6 Categoria:

It has a great manufacturing of optical paths, made of aluminium, and it makes the image light and clear.

Direct reading to 0.01 °GON with 0.001 °GON estimate
Precision of 0.00186 °GON (6″ DMS) for the horizontal circle and of 0.0031° GON (10″ DMS) for the vertical circle.

Compensator with 1″DMS precision. We can turn off it to make the Theodolite T6 very practise for the application on mobile device, platforms and inclined planes too.

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