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0010 Receiver ADA LR-60

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87,50 IVA Escl.

Receiver ADA LR-60, ideal for any ooutdoor application.
It allow to extends working range in case of bright illumination and poor visibility of laser beam. 

COD: N ADA LR-60 Categoria:

It has two tubular levels for accurate setting in horizontal and verical plane.
LR-60 has acoustic signal and LED indication. It is given with battery and holder for leveling staff.

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318,50 IVA Escl.
Technical Data Working Range: 20 meters Working Range with Receiver: 70 meters Accuracy: ± 0,3 mm/m Laser Projection: Laser: 1 line 360°/ 4 lines / 1 plumb down Thread: 5/8" Laser Class: 2