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0080 CPH1 Holder for Leica Prism

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85,00 IVA Escl.

Leica prism GPH1 362820.
Compatible Prism CPH1A

COD: N NT HCPR1 Categoria:

Compatible prism holder for prism model Leica GPH1 362820 (or the compatible one called CPH1A).
Realized in synthetic plastic. It’s made for the installation of the target yellow/black, compatible with the model Leica GZT4 362823.

The support is given with the fixing device N NT XTE 

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0070 Fixing device for CPH1A prism

15,00 IVA Escl.
Compatible with: Leica Prism GPR1 362830 Leica Cover GPH1 362820 Prism model CPH1A

0090 CPH1A Compatible Leica Prism

260,00 IVA Escl.
Features: Prism Constant: 0 mm Accuracy: ±1 mm Great to be used with Theodolite and EDM Measurement range in IR mode: 3500 m Bag included

0050 Prism CPH1 Insert

100,00 IVA Escl.
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