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0010 Compatible Mini Prism Leica 104L

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185,00 IVA Escl.

On the structure of the prism is installed an adjustable circular level.
The mini prism is given with a rigid cover, in which there are 2 meters mini pole, composed from 4 sections (50 cm for each section), and a tip for measure in quota 0.
The prism’s constant is +17.5 mm, the accuracy is 2 mm and the reach is 2000 meters.

COD: N NT 104L Categoria:

Mini prism 104L compatible with the model Leica GMP111 641615.
The mini prism is mounted on a resistent support made of shockproof, synthetic plastic high quality, and the posterior covering is in copper oxide that guarantees a great signal answer of the total station.

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