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0060 Mini Prism MP361

Availability : In stock
410,00 IVA Escl.

Prism Constant: +2 mm
Made with 7 mini prism with 12,7 mm diameter
Complessive Height Pole: 2 meters
Steel Poles with 4 sections
Pole diameter: 9 mm
Fixing screw to set the prism at the wishing height
Bag included

COD: N NT MP361 Categoria:

Mini prism model MP361, compatible with Seco 5910-20 – Sliding 360° Prism Kit model.
The modular pole is made of steel, has 9 mm diameter and it is composed from 4 sections (30 cm lenght each section), red and white.
The mini pism is sliding and can be fixed on the wished height.
There is an internal spring that guarantee Slip Resistance.
The reflect group is composed from 7 mini prism made of silver oxide.
The single prism diameter is 12.7 mm.
The prism’s constant is +2 mm and the level precision  is 40′.
Included in the kit there is the transport bag and the steel tip.

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