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0050 Mini Prism 110 Trimble Compatible

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80,00 IVA Escl.

Prism Constant: -18 mm
Inclinable prism to allow a precise collimation
Superior structure projected to save the prism from weathering and sunrays
Hole on the L base with 8mm diameter to fix the screws on metallic and walling surfaces.

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New monitoring Prism, model 110.
Compatible with Trimble system.
The constant for Trimble Totatl Stations is -18.
Totally innovating design with L structure and fixing hole, completely made of steel.
On the mount of mini prism, always made of steel, there is a little protection wing from rain and sun.
Very light and practise in his use, it is given with soft bag.

Prodotti Correlati

0020 360° Prism Model 361

670,00 IVA Escl.
All along the structure there is fixed a protection rubber to protect the prism from accidental falls. In the package it is also included one 5/8" adapter to fix the prism to the prism pole. The prism constant for Trimble instruments is zero.

0020 Mini Prism compatible Leica, model 105

90,00 IVA Escl.
Features: Prism Constant with Leica instruments: +8,9 mm Prism Opening: 25,4 mm Inclinable Prism for a precise collimation Hole on the L base with 10 mm diameter, for the fixing screws on metallic and walling surfaces