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0040 Mini Prism 109

Availability : In stock
40,00 IVA Escl.

Prism Constant: +2 mm
Central target with 50 mm diamter
High reflective with integrated collimation cross
Inclinable target allows a precise collimation
Adapter for monitoring lock pin 5/8″ Leica type included

COD: N NT 109 Categoria:

Target Prism model 109.
It is characterized by a central target, installed on a orange mount made of plastic that is resistent to any environment condition.
The structure in which is installed the target is inclinable  to allow a precise collimation.
The target is yellow “Hi Reflex” and has a 5 cm diameter. It has a crosshairs to guarantee an easy collimation.
The prism thread is Leica type with tightening screw to the monitoring pole.
Inside the kit there is also an adapter for monitoring pole, type 5/8″.
Constant prism is 0 mm.
Very light and practise for his use.
Great value for money!

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