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0110 Laser Square LP618

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450,00 IVA Escl.


  • Compensator Block
  • Magnetic Damping
  • Laser Class 2M
  • Range without Receiver: >15 meters
  • Range with Receiver: >30 meters
COD: N NT LP618 Categoria:

Projection Laser, model LP618, with cushioning magnetic system for a fast auto-leveling.

High visibility of laser lines and great stability and maneuverability.
It can be used to measure in horizontal line and 4 measures in vertical line with point lead.

During the measures the vertical lines cross of 90° on the ceiling.
It has a mechanism of horizontal rotation and one adjustment handle, so if the instrument goes out of the autoleveling field, the laser will turn off and it will make a loud alarm signal.

His dimension is compact.

In his practise soft bag there are the accessories: one instruction manual, target, receiver, controller and protection glasses.

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