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0100 Laser Level ADA Phantom 2D

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141,00 IVA Escl.

Technical Data

  • Horizontal Accuracy, mm/m: ±2/10
  • Self-leveling range: ±3°
  • Maximum range with receiver: 70 meters
  • Instrument Thread: 1/4″
  • Holder Thread: 5/8″
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The cross line laser ADA Phantom 2D projects long, highly visible horizontal and vertical lines forming a «laser cross.»

Wide scanning angle. The line laser ADA Phantom 2D provides the maximum scanning angle for this class of devices. The vertical line is projected even «overhead» and starts at the height of 7-8 cm from the base of a line laser placed on the floor.

Easy-to-use marking for floor leveling. The line laser ADA Phantom 2D generates a horizontal laser plane at the height of only 3.5 cm from the device base. The leveling beacons can be installed without using additional equipment.

High accuracy. The line laser ADA Phantom 2 accuracy is only ±2 mm/10 m with the maximum permissible error for this type of line lasers of 3 mm/10 m, which conforms to the general construction requirements.

Laser plane display management. The device allows to work only with the horizontal or vertical line for ease of use and battery charge saving. Disabling of compensator alarms allows to mark inclined lines, e.g. in construction of staircases.

The function of operation with a receiver is particularly critical while working outdoors or under the very bright light conditions. The laser beam can be seen from far, up to 70 m from the line laser. The laser plane generator has an operation mode for working with a laser receiver.

Wall mounting. The metal angle bracket with magnets and 5/8″ thread allows fixing the line laser on any surface.

Easy-to-use case. The line laser case is made from durable plastic and has an easy-to-grip shape. The wide base prevents the device from falling on its side.

Wide range of application. The line laser ADA Phantom 2D is designed for all leveling works, furniture installation, ceramic tile fixing, wallpaper hanging, and equipment installation. It’s a high-quality, full-featured device for private repairs.

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