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0010 Laser Level ADA MINI CUBE Home Edition

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77,50 IVA Escl.

Technical Data

Working Range: 20 meters
Accuracy: ± 0,2 mm/m
Laser projection: 2 Lines
Thread: 1/4″
Laser Class Type: 2
Dust and water proof: IP54
Dimensions: 65x65x45 mm
Wheight: 0,19 Kg


Laser level ADA CUBE MINI is the most compact self-leveling laser level. It projects one horizontal and one vertical lines. Laser lines ADA CUBE MINI are used almost in all applications concerning repair: partitions, laying of communication systems, installation of doors, windows, furniture and so on.

INTERSECTING PLANES AT AN ANGLE OF 90°. Due to the intersecting lines (angle between laser planes is 90°) it is possible to make fast marking when setting materials and constructions.  Tile laying, attachment of shelves and wall furniture, making partitions and so on.

SHOCKPROOF HOUSING. The housing has a strong structure. The width is only 4.5 cm. Rubber parts protect the instrument against damages. Due to the ribbed surface the instrument don’t slip out of your hands.

EASY OPERATION. Switching on and unlocking with one button. Automatic self-leveling. Maximum inclination during operation is no more than 3°. Laser lines begin to blink when the inclination is big.  ¼’’ thread at the bottom of the instrument allows to set it on the tripod or universal mount.

EXTENDED OPERATING TIME.  Two power elements of type AA (1,5 V) are used for operation with ADA CUBE MINI. Continuous operation with one battery is up to 20 hours.

UNIVERSAL MOUNT ADA Universal Clamp (For complete set Home). Reliable steel clamp with rotary screw for surface attachment at any angle. Any place of attachment: door, heating radiator, window handle, cabinet door, stair railings, table surface, steps of the ladder and so on.  Clamps of universal mount have soft cover. That’s why they don’t leave any traces on the surface. It is possible to hang the mount on the drywall screw due to the special hole.

ELEVATING TRIPOD (for complete set Professional). Light aluminium tripod with sliding column. It allows to set level at height from 28 to  66 cm. It is possible to adjust height at the range of 14 cm with the help of lifting part. Tripod is used for fast level setting at required height in any place.

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