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0020 Laser Level ADA CUBE Home Edition

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90,00 IVA Escl.

Technical Data

Working Range: 20 m
Accuracy:  ± 0,2 mm/m
Laser Projection: 2 Lines
Thread: ¼”
Laser Class: 2
Water and Dust Proof: IP54
Dimensions: 65x65x65 mm
Wheight: 0,24 kg

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ADA CUBE Home Edition is the most compact laser level. It projects perpendicular laser beams in the form of a cross. With the help of ADA Cube you can do any work with marking: to hang a shelf or picture on the wall, to hang wallpapers, to place conduit for electric wiring, to set guides for suspended ceiling and so on. The housing is made in the form of cube. The size of edge is only 6.5 cm. Rubber parts protect instrument from damages. Due to the ribbed surface the instrument doesn’t slip out from your hands.

Thread 1/4″ on the bottom of the instrument allows to set it on the tripod or universal mount. Separate laser emitters are used to project laser lines. It allows to get clear and bright laser lines. Pendulum suspension goes fast into vertical position. Maximum deviation from vertical axis is 3°. Acoustic alarm is given when the instrument is out of self-leveling range.

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