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0060 Invar Staff Trimble LD12

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1.400,00 IVA Escl.

It is composed from an anodized aluminium profile and the front is yellow for a great visibility.
The complessive lenght is 2 metres. The Invar tape is yellow and black; made of inextensible steel for guarantee a great measure performance.

There are two folding handles with spring mechanism for move it easily.
The high precision circular levels are collocated in the middle of the staff and down for guarantee a good reading in all the work positions.
There are also a steel dish superior and inferior to protect it from shock during the work.

COD: N NT LD12 Categoria:

Invar Staff with barcode for Sokkia Topcon digital levels.
The Trimble models series usable for this staff are: DiNi 10, DiNi 11, DiNi 12 e DiNi 03.

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