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0020 ADA Pro Digit MINI

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102,50 IVA Escl.


  • Compact size
  • Measurement in degrees,  mm/m, %, in/ft
  • Automatic calibration
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Magnets on the bottom
  • Automatic shut-off
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Digital level ADA ProDigit Mini is a small and very convenient electronic inclinometer.

It is equipped with strong magnet. Metallic housing protects the electronic level. Built-in strong magnets allow to place electronic level on the metallic surfaces. Automatic calibration for accurate operation. Data are displayed in degrees, mm/m, %, in/ft.

The results are displayed to two decimal places. There is “HOLD” mode for convenient operation. Use this mode to hold results on the display and the function of the backlight. The instrument gives sound alarm when the results approach to 0 and 90°. Application: structural steel erection, installation of sewerage and plumbing systems, carpenter’s and finishing works, in the production.


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Technical Data Working Range: 4x90° Measurement Accuracy: ± 0,2° Accuracy of the Display: 0.05° Memory Display: available Power: Batteries 6LR61 (9V) Dimensions: 57x57x30.5 mm Weight: 0,13 Kg