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1.245,00 IVA Escl.


  • Zoom 30 X and opening of the target of 45 mm for a high quality image
  • Optical Plummet that permits to have not a plumb line
  • A simple button to view the percentage of grade and the vertical corner
  • Angular reading with minimum resolution of 3cc
  • Double LCD display
  • Possibility of angular reading with increases counterclockwise and possibility of block angular horizontal reading for tracking starting to a default corner
COD: N NT DT21 Categoria:

The Theodolite DT-21 represents a great union between quality and practicality of use.
His refined mechanics makes it compatible with the version Sokkia DT-20, DT-500 and DT-600.

The vertical and horiziontal corners are read electronically and view on LCD display of big dimensions, with two lines of easy reading.

The automatic indexing of the vertical circle and the compensator on board, allows to the theodolite DT-21 to reach a level of precision incommensurable to other instruments with the same price.

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0030 Diagonal Eyepiece DT21

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Diagonal Eyepiece for Theodolite DT-21. Very needful for verification of verticality of structure or poles. The Eyepiece view to 360° and the visibility of the grid is the same of the classic eyepiece installed on the Theodolite.

0010 Tripod Model TRE01

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Technical Characteristics: Color: yellow Color of the metal parts: black Minimum dimensions (close legs): 118 cm Maximum dimensions (open legs): 183 cm Weight: 7,5 Kg Warranty: 1 Year