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0060 Elevation Mini Tripod TRE07

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65,00 IVA Escl.

Technical Data

Application: Laser distance meter, interior laser and photocameras
Thread: 1/4″
Minimum extension: 25 cm
Maximum extension: 50 cm

COD: N NT TRE07 Categoria:

Photographic Tripod, high quality, sturdy and stable, with simple precision regolation.

Head with crank elevation, central stem with block clutch. It had extensible legs with quick closures.
Thanks to the rubber feet it is adapt to any type of surface; complete of canvas bag for the transport.

His maximum height is 50 cm, while the minimum is 25 cm.

Photo thread 1/4″.
Very light, it is adapts to laser gauges. Projection laser with connection of 1/4″.

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0010 Elevating Tripod ADA Digit 153

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Technical Data Tripod weight: 2,30 kg. Assembled sizes: 61 cm. Maximum height: 153 cm. Dimensions in box: 61-12,5-12,5 cm. Stand screw: 1/4” Application: For laser levels and crossliners + photo/video equipment Mounting way: Clips Outside/Inside head diameter: 8,5 x 5,5 cm.